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What They Say About Us

This was perfect. Thanks so much. We can mark this project as closed out.

Alex Nikdel
Web Development Director

Wanted to let you know the PopDust meeting went really well today and their folks are totally stoked … Great work man.

Nick Gernert
Voce Communications, A Porter Novelli Company

Laz Creative has proven to us that it is a design firm with passion and purpose – where professionalism, attention to detail, service and design are equally important. Laz Creative has been our “go-to” firm from day one, helping us to build a strong brand image through creative, yet functional design. Their ability to stay small is a strength that has allowed us to have personal service and focused efforts. I can genuinely say that there is no other firm for us.

Chris McArthur
Black & Brew Coffee House & Bistro

Hey Jeremy, Just a quick note to say thanks for all you do for us. We are happy to be a client of yours for all these years.

Christine Nikdel
Creative Director/Partner

Wow, that was fast. Thank you.

Ryan C. McDonnell
Chief Operating Officer

I definitely recommend Laz Creative for their exceptional design work, but more important to me is the rarity of finding that kind of talent coupled with integrity and work ethic. Laz Creative is that rare find, therefore I highly recommend them!”

Laurel Egan

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Nick, Sean, Peter, Michael, Jeff, Matt, Jeremy, Jeremy (there are two!) and Chris, the nerd-studs from Voce…for changing that one color and moving that one little box so that it lined up with that other little box and adding that one gradient to that one little bar. Times five thousand.

Ree Drummond
Blogger, Author, Food Writer, Photographer, Television Personality
The Pioneer Woman | Ree Drummond

The Sphears of Engagement wiki site looks fantastic.

Thomas Smith
Social Media Director

Laz, Just wanted to pass along a big thanks for the work on ESPN. You always deliver, but in this case you’ve delivered and made my life much easier in the process. I wanted to say thanks, the work is great and the process/flow has exceed expectations.

Jeremy Harrington
VP, User Experience Design
Voce Communications, A Porter Novelli Company

Thanks Jeremy, everything looks great. I’m going to review things w/ the Playstation folks later this afternoon.

Mike Manuel
Voce Communications, A Porter Novelli Company