Justin Lazanowski Technical Director

54 years ago

While some kids take apart their father’s watch, Justin, at the squirrely age of twelve was taking apart his father’s IBM XT 086 personal computer.

Always fascinated by how things work, Justin is constantly learning, reading, thinking and staying on the edge of technology and trends. Occasionally he sleeps.

A Warrior-Poet-Genius, Justin is at home breaking out the compiler and authoring some code, building a resilient network infrastructure, or smashing things in World of Warcraft.

Through years of serving as a Director of Information Technology, Justin is adept at relating business goals to technical implementation. One of his great joys is helping clients achieve their business objectives, while relating technical parlance in easy to understand concepts and ideas… he also likes using flashy words like “parlance.”

If you doubt his smarts, remember, Justin Peadar Lazanowski had to spell his full name in kindergarten.

Technical Proficiencies

  • Project Management
  • Web Development & Deployment
  • Network and Information Architecture Planning/Implementation/Management
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media & Inbound Marketing

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